(V.E.T.T.S.®) A Restorative Justice Mentoring Program

V.E.T.T.S. matches youth with a U.S. Military-trained honorably discharged Veteran, who serves as a committed positive role model. V.E.T.T.S. Mentoring is based on a restorative framework propelled by attachment theory. The framework of the V.E.T.T.S. program is based on 4 pillars: racial equity, juvenile justice reform, mentoring/outreach, and advocacy/organizing.


Racial Equity, the demand for equality, fairness and racial justice. This pillar demands the need for every institution working with our youth to grant them an equal opportunity. Local data show that people of color and people from low-income backgrounds struggle with educational attainment, income, healthcare, and housing. Many urban youths are faced with persistent and consistent systematic adversity. The need for racial equity is critical if we wish for our adolescents to have a fair chance at being an engaging participant in their community.


Juvenile Justice Reform challenges the communities initiative for better and fair outcomes for our youth. Society tends to not only hold adolescents accountable to their delinquencies but define them by it. We have failed our youth by the inability to assist them with their reintegration into the community. So, while some youth are given the opportunity and assistance for college, many urban youths are better prepared for prison.  V.E.T.T.S. mentors advocate for the development of effective policies and practices that establish change. They work alongside youth to voice the injustice that hinders adolescents from receiving rational and effective change.


Advocacy and Organizing is incorporated to strategically reinforce policy and systemic changes. We equip both Veterans and mentees with the knowledge needed to call out unjust acts. V.E.T.T. mentors do more than just model for their mentees what to say or how to engage in society. They become change agents, leaders, who are striving to address the prejudice their youth battle against daily. They work tirelessly to ensure that the self-fulfilling expectation of failure for their adolescents is not fulfilled.


Mentoring and Outreaching is intended to meet the mentees wherever they are and equip them with the tools necessary for them to reach their highest potential. The focal point of our outreach is to create a support system for urban youth whose systems of support have failed them. We intend to create a strength-based organization that ensures the mentee will receive all the connections necessary for them to forge ahead in life. This pillar supports the pro-social development of adolescents deemed at-risk for delinquency.


Racial Equity


• Individual successes and


• Demand for equality and fairness

• Racial justice.

• Equal opportunity

• Community Building






Juvenile Justice Reform


• Community Relations

• Self-defense

• Community Service

• Diversion Program

• V.E.T.T.S. Youth Summit

• Workforce Development






• Testifying at the State Capital

• Legislative Breakfast

• Tours of LOB?

• Youth Testimonials

• Oral and Debate Training

• Speech Development

• Civil Right Participation

   ( Marches and rallies)


Outreach and Mentoring


• Etiquette Classes

• Team-building

• Socialization Skills

• Culinary Skills

• Life Skills Development

• Addiction Education

• Dress-for-success

• Recreational Activities

• Family Engagement and

    Unification Support

• Extracurricular Activities

• Athletic Involvement

• Bullying

• Financial Literacy



Our Restorative Practice Framework